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We’re living in a time when data is everywhere yet few people know how to use it effectively. At SumAll, we’re working to change all of that.


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“How did you use data before SumAll?”
A small smile creased across Zach’s face. “I didn’t.”

Right now, data culture only benefits large businesses with huge staffs and millions of dollars in funds at their disposal. Small businesses don’t have the resources to have a data team analyzing numbers and searching for trends. Our team is leveling the playing field by bringing the power of data to small businesses.

 “You’re going to make a ton of mistakes. I know I did first starting out. Don’t be afraid to make them.”Zach Crain, Freaker USA 

Freaker came from modest beginnings. Started in Wilmington, North Carolina, founder Zach Crain discovered he had a knack for knitting koozies out of old sweaters. From there, his idea took off and he soon found a hosiery mill where his koozies could be manufactured from scratch at a much faster rate. To gather funds Zach started a Kickstarter and made an endearing video detailing the Freaker philosophy.

Social media is ingrained into the Freaker brand. You can see it every facet of their business, from their eccentric promotional videos to their highly interactive Facebook page where they continually update pictures from their tours. “We’re constantly on the move and we’re a really small team so we don’t have the time or money to have someone check on our numbers all the time,” Zach told us. “Before SumAll, we would check Google Analytics once in a while but we couldn’t really get any good insights from it.

They have a really messy layout and it’s hard to navigate. After signing up with SumAll, all of our most important information was displayed in a simple graph with deep insights. Keeping track of sales, how many units I’ve sold, and comparing data week over week is incredibly easy to do now.”

Zach and the team are on the road for a good portion of the year and were struggling to find a way to keep track of their data, so he downloaded the SumAll app on his iPhone. “Ok, this is how much money I made today, this is how many koozies I sold, I love it.” SumAll kept the same simple aesthetic from the website and transferred it to smart phones. All the most important information you need to monitor your business right at your thumbs.

“One last question before you go, Zach. What would you tell an aspiring entrepreneur trying to succeed in the industry?” Another smile formed at the corner of his lips. “You’re going to make a ton of mistakes. I know I did first starting out. Don’t be afraid to make them.”

With SumAll, we’ll make sense of any mistakes you make and help get your business where it needs to be.

Empowering over 320,000+ users.

Beau and Jared from Urbio
use our benchmarks as motivation to lift their numbers above the status quo.


Alison from Eleanor’s
uses our goal feature to challenge herself and improve week over week.


Joe from GroveMade
uses our note tool to keep track of everything he does and improve his ROI.


Ari from Sifr
uses our weekly summary emails to brief and motivate his team every week.


Darren from Hak5
uses our google analytics line to improve his relationship with valuable referrals.


Ben from Z-Board
uses our units sold and shipping lines to reduce his shipping costs.


Andrés from Hasso
uses our filters to improve how much his returning customers spend.


Jesse from Lumi
uses our google analytics and sales lines to improve her marketing spend.


Claire from Of a Kind
uses our realtime stats to improve her day to day performance.

Of A Kind

Brett from Modko
uses our chart to determine more effective times to run promotional campaigns.

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